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You can confide with World Debt Corporation and rely on us in solution of your insolvency and debt recovery problems. We are the international company working in the area of debt collection & credits. Having rich experience in recovering debts, filing claims according to the law, collecting arrears, and selling debts, we would like to offer you the entire range of our services:

- Debt collection;
- Due Diligence;
- Legal analysis;
- Legal support;
- Organization and holding of auctions (for selling debts)
- Reduction of investment risks.

We made a creation of unique information field for collecting debts worldwide one of our main goals. Today we can solve any debt problem efficiently and legally in all possible terms, operating for you to the highest standards. We realize, that debt recovery laws in different countries distinguish from each other. Even though, we implement global debt solutions, recovering both domestic and foreign debts for our clients strictly within international legislation.

We implement debt recovery in Russia and worldwide. Our capacities and mature experience allow us work perfectly, launching both: pre-legal and legal debt collection.

We always offer the most rapid and flexible solutions for our clients to fasten and enhance debt recovery. Moreover, using all our resources we can recover, sell & purchase mature debts.

World Debt Corporation recovers, sells and buys all kinds of debts: commercial, private, bank, domestic and foreign debts.


Who we are:

• More than 8 years of successful work in the field of international debt collection
• Affiliates and representatives in different countries
• Several unique information resources in the sphere of debt recovery: both national and international
• 75% of successful debt recovery

But this is less important that what we can potentially do for You…

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